Julius Ceaser

downloadJulius Ceaser was a born into a family of power Julian family. He was groomed in politics was natural born leader in all head positions as Governor. Ceaser valued education believed knowledge was men salvation of freedom. Many people know Ceaser as a great figure who ruled the world he has lived his life off the battle that you can only read the book. When Ceaser became a general he defeated the Republic of Rome army became absolute ruler of Rome. He chased remaining army of the Republic into Egypt where he met Cleopetra some believe was his downfall. He had a son with Cleopetra but was soon chased out because of his duties persuade. He built roads for his army to travel making the silk road of trade in India to Rome very lucrative and rich in flavor. He had a dream of uniting the world under one rule of Rome but was unrealistic due to unstable politics that ensued with war and unstable economy.  He was assassinated by members of congress due to the power he had was a threat to get rid of Democracy falling short of what he wanted to accomplish.